Products & Services

The press is in production at Edwards Printing.

Edwards Printing offers several sizes of Broadsheet and Tabloid products. Our inventory allow us to print :

Common Broadsheet sizes

11.5” X 22.75”

12.5” X 22.75”

Tabloids sizes

11.5” X 11.375”

12.5 X 11.375”

13.5” X 11.375”

For your convenience, InDesign templates are available for each of the sizes listed above.

All of these sizes are available on our industry standard 30# recycled newsprint and most are also available on a 40# 80 bright sheet as well.

Our current capacity allows us to print 40 pages of full color in a 64 page Tabloid in one pass. Our full capacity allows us to print either 48 pages of full color in Tabloids or 24 pages of Broadsheet in one single pass!

To request a comprehensive print quote, click here, or contact Brad Snyder at 864-324-0642.